Since prehistory times people had strong relationship with ceramic and because clay comes from the earth there was a special connection with the earth as well. Nowadays we lost that sense by being separate by concrete, plastic and screams of TVs or computers.

Some of us try to find way back home by different practices like meditations, prayers, yoga exercising, spending time close to the nature, making or experiencing art, etc. There is so many ways… I’m making ceramics.

My forms are usually hand built, slabs constructed. I like them to be very organic and have strongly textured surfaces that gives them even more dimensional effect . Although they aren’t really functional you can find out that I’m fascinated by vessel form.

However it’s great fun to built my forms the part I enjoy the most is decorating them with slips, oxides, glazes and even sand from cornish river. That’s give me possibilities to be spontaneous and free as a child-just play with colours and marks .

I can say that through ceramic making I’m looking for those lost connection with the Earth, with the Self and Everything That Is.

Please enjoy that special journey!


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  1. Cześć Agnieszka! Gammusia Gratuluję Ci dobrych pomysłów i rewelacyjnych ich realizacji. Bardzo się cieszę z Twojego (Waszego) sukcesu. Pozdrowienia dla Ciebie i Twoich najbliższych. Kasia vel Delta Rogalska

    • aganies Says:

      Dzieki Kasiu vel Delto! Moze jak sie wiekszej liczby prac dorobie to jakas wystawe pomozesz mi zorganizowac np. w Plocku;) Mam nadz.ze u Ciebie wszystko ok.pozdrawiam cieplo i sciskam!


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